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Happy Thought Tea- Cosy

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Teapot Cozy Pattern Knitting

This lovely tea-cozy with its chrysanthemum top-knit takes very little – oddments of many color wool can be used for the flowers.

3 ozs. of ” W.B.” Kwiknit wool and half an ounce of each of three colours in ” W.B.” Rosedale Fingering, 2-ply, for the flowers; a pair each of No. 7 and No. 10 “Aero ” knitting pins; an ” Aero ” crochet hook No. 13.

Tension and measurements
Worked at a tension of 5 sts. to the inch in width, with No. 7 pins, the cosy will measure 16 inches round the base and 7.5 inches high.

K., knit. plain; p., purl ; st.. stitch tog., together; dec., decrease (by working 2 sts. tog.) .s.s., stocking st. (k. on the right side and p. back) garter-st. is knit plain on every row ; single rib is k. 1 and p. 1 alternately; ch., chain; d.c., double crochet; tr., treble.

To work one side
Using No. 7 pins, cast on 39 sts. for the lower edge and work 6 rows in garter-st., working into the back of the sts. on the 1st row to give a neat edge. The one pattern row: K. 1, * p. 2, k.2 ; repeat from * until 2 sts. remain, p.2. Repeat this row 39 times more. Now shape the top as follows: 1st dec. row: K. 1, * p. 2 tog., k. 2 tog.; repeat from * until 2sts. remain, p. 2 tog. (20 sts.). Work 5 rows in single rib. 2nd dec. row: K. 1, * k. 2 tog. ; repeat from * until 1 st. remains, k. 1 (11 sts.). Work 4 rows in s.s., beginning with a p. row, then cast off. Work the other half of the cosy in the same way.

The flowers
With No. 10 pins and 2-ply fingering, cast on 6 sts. and work 350 rows in s.s., then cast off. (To avoid so many turnings of the pin on these short rows, 350 sts. can be cast on and 6 rows worked in s.s. Cast off with a coarser pin to make sure that this edge is not tight.) Make two more strips in the same way, using two different colours, then work a shorter strip with each of the three colours, working 280 rows. For the crochet foundation, make 25 ch., 1 tr. into the 4th ch. from the hook, then 1 tr. into each st. to the end ; fasten off. Now take the longest knitted strip and, forming loops about 1 inch and a half long, sew the lower end of each loop to the top of the tr. edge on the crochet strip. Cut the sewing wool, leaving about half a yard. Thread this through the base of the trs. and draw up fairly closely and fasten off. Work two strips more the same length, then work three strips of crochet about half the length of those just worked. To these sew the other two knitted strips forming loops and finishing off as described. Sew one long and one short piece together, placing the shorter piece at the centre of the flower and the longer piece behind, so that The petals intermingle. Make up two more flowers in the same way. Cut 4 strands of green wool about 4 Inches long and sew at the back of each flower to form a stalk.

To make up the cosy
First join the top of the cosy, then place on a teapot and pin both sides above and below the spout and handle. Remove from the pot and sew together the pinned portions. With a No. 13 crochet hook, work round the spout and handle openings in crochet, thus: 1 d.c. into the last k. st. at the lower end of the opening, * 3 ch., miss 1 k. st., 2 tr. Into the next st., 3 ch., miss 1 st., 1 d.c. into next st.; repeat from * to end of round, where sl.-st. to first st. and fasten off. Sew the flowers at the top of the cosy, as seen in the illustration.

Download PDF: Tea-Cosy Knitting Pattern

Credit: Victoria and Albert Museum

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