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1) Easy Shop Management

Add, duplicate, edit, publish craft patterns using a convenient dashboard.

Publish free or paid tutorials. Track your sales. Get prompt support when needed.

2) No Listing Fees

Pattern listings are free.

3) No Service Fees for Patterns Under US$ 5

Our services are free for products priced under US$ 5.

4) Low Service Fee for Patterns Sold for US$ 5 +

Just a 3% service fee is charged when your pattern sells for more than US$ 5.

5) Lowest Transaction Fees

US$ 0.15 (fixed fee) + 3% (processing fee) per transaction.

See examples

*Please note that the above fees apply to funds received in the U.S.

They may differ for funds coming from outside U.S. and for currencies other than the U.S. dollar.

Before you register to become a Vendor, please read carefully our documents:

Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy, Vendor Agreement, Vendor fees

If you agree with the terms of the above documents, please proceed to the Vendor Account Page, check the respective box for potential vendors and submit your application.