In your Vendor Pro-Dashboard, click on Products > Add Product and fill out the following fields.

Product Name (required). 3-5 words will do it. We recommend to include one unique word, either a proper name or its substitute.

Product Description (required). This is the largest section of a listing. Give as much information as you think is needed.
For free patterns, you can use the following options in this section:
1) publish an entire pattern, 2) give a link to your site page (as shown in the Video 1 below), or 3) download a PDF file to our site and insert a link to it (as in the Video 2 below).

The videos below show how to add links.

Video 1. Add an external URL link:

Video 2. Download a PDF file to our site and insert a link:

Product Short Description (required). Give basic details describing your pattern. The short description appears at the top of your pattern page:

Categories (required). Check related boxes for your pattern categories. These categories will be displayed under the short description.

Tags (optional). Add tags for your product. Examples: Bottom-up, Stockinette, etc.

Featured Image (required) and Gallery (optional, but highly recommended) . Add a featured image and gallery images as shown in the Video 3.

Video 3. Add images:

The last section (Price) is for paid pattern only. Skip it when adding a free pattern.

Price (required for paid patterns). Set a price and add a PDF file as shown in the Video 4 below.

Video 4. Add a PDF for a Paid Pattern:

After the above steps, select and click on either Add Product or Save Draft button.